Here's what Players Say:

"Just want you to know that the highlight of our Thanksgiving day was Birkball. Old and young all had great fun."

"I've never felt such fun & excitement as a working adult, thank you again for giving us this great experience for participating in the championship."

"I just had to write. Four friends and I just discovered Birkball at a local pub, and it is the coolest game I have ever seen. Our wait for a pool table was over an hour, and we had to lean over the Birkball table to get our names on the list. We asked what it was, and started playing to pass the time. Several games later and after giving up our pool table to keep playing Birkball, we are definitely hooked. Great game, guys. You did well."

"The game has worked out great. It definitely gets used a lot. We really do love the game."

"As one of the organizers of California Extreme I want to extend a big "THANKS" for providing a Birkball table for our show. EVERYONE who tried it really had a blast. I know I sneaked in a bit of play during the show, and after the show closed a group of us spent hours playing the game. We didn't have a formal "Best of Show" award this year, but you get my nomination." [This show involved a large number of pinball and arcade games.]

"I just wanted to tell you all that I love your game. I discovered it about a month ago and I am addicted. A few of my co-workers and myself head down every Thursday and fight for the table. Hours of wholesome entertainment (well, kind of wholesome, we are guzzling down beer at the same time, which makes the game more and more interesting as it progresses). What an amazing idea for a game. Thanks for coming up with it! I love it!"

"Well, if our enthusiasm last night is any indication of future popularity, I'd have to say that Birkball is going to become a big hit here. The 4 of us stayed and played for at least 2 more hours. And I came in early this morning to practice for about an hour."

"Whatever company I work for, I'm getting a Birkball game in there."

"We have our table up and running and are having a blast! Thanks. My neighbors and kids' friends think it's the best."

"We have a group of 6-8 'hardcore' players. They play on a regular basis (almost daily). They are certainly having fun."

"It's working great! And people are really having a good time playing it, the more people the better. We are going to start an activities and events calendar and put Birkball as the first activity. Thanks for the great table!"

"There is a Birkball table at the local Senior Center. My sons and I were volunteering there one day, and had the best time playing Birkball. It's as classic as foosball, ping pong, or billiards. I looked for it on Facebook because I want other people to know about it as well. "

Concise statements of value:

  •  "I like the strategic thinking with immediate payoff."
  •  "I like competitive games and having fun with friends."
  •  "I enjoy the comments and the laughter."
  •  "It's fun to be matched with and against different people."
  •  "Great party game!"
  •  "I like the teamwork part and psyching people out."
  •  "A great change of pace from work."
  •  "Easy for newcomers."
  •  "I enjoy playing against people versus machines."
  •  "It's fun and I don't have to run all over a field."
  •  "I like defending what looks like a sure goal and scoring in a decisive manner."
  •  "What an Adrenalin Rush!"
  •  "Awesome!"
  •  "My Favorite Game of All-Time"

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