Suggestions for Beginners

General Suggestions:

  • "Don't Miss," that is, hit the target. Keep improving your hit percentage, particularly for nearby targets.
  • Roll steel balls from higher on the chute to get more speed.
  • During active play, players should not leave their chute to pick up a steel ball dropped on the floor.

Gathering Balls:

  • Try to pick up more than one steel ball at a time.
  • Don�t spend too much time collecting steel balls, at the expense of being ready to shoot.

Beginners as Goalies:

  • Focus primarily on defense.
  • Manage your ball supply carefully to avoid running out of balls.
  • When you are out of steel balls and the target ball is threatening, block the target with the tip or the side (no forward rotation allowed) of the chute.
  • Any time the opposing wing has a straight shot at your goal, try to get a steel ball to the target first or at least send a ball in the direction of the target to block it.

Beginners as Wings:

  • Focus primarily on offense.
  • Don't starve your goalie of accessible balls.
  • Be careful, or even avoid, hitting a target ball near your own goal since you might inadvertently score a point against your own team.

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