Larger Groups - 5, 6, 7, or 8 players around a 4-player table

It's helpful to have at least four players, so welcome and encourage people to play. It's fun to play with different people and positions.

One suggestion is to randomly assign initial positions around the table using playing cards. After one game is played with these initial positions, and after each additional game, players on each side can shift positions (for example: wing goes to goalie; goalie goes to wing or to a holding position if there are more than two players on a team; and a person in the holding position would shift to wing.) See image below for sample initial positions determined by playing cards for seven players and the rotation pattern after a game is finished, while keeping the same teams. After enough games are played to complete a match (typically the number of games equals the maximum number of players on one side - so each player gets to experience the goalie position), it's time to shuffle the cards and start again.

Initial Position and Rotations After a Game

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